Psicología y Conducta

Here in ABAilar – Psicología y Conducta you will find child therapy services in different areas such as emotional regulation, challenging behaviours, difficulties in learning, of children with ASD, ADHD and other special educational needs, specific and individualized consulting for centers and professionals, useful resources for the centers, families and professionals, supervision of practical experience for students who aim to become certified as behaviour analysts by the BACB®, IBAO® and QABA®, and webinars on different topics of interest for families and professionals.

What will you find at ABAilar – Psicología y Conducta?

Child therapy

Assessment and intervention in symptoms and needs in children and adolescents (with and without diagnosis) and their families.


Professional and center training in effective strategies to improve the lives of students, and patients.


Supervision of analytic-behavioural, professional and ethical repertoires according to the standards of the BACB®, IBAO® and QABA®.


Webinars about different topics like problem behaviours, emotional regulation, attachment, assessment, and intervention.


Materials to be used in the home and clinic environments, to guide and support with assessment, intervention, and supervision.



Services are divided into three areas: therapy, consulting, and supervision.
Therapy is provided in person, in Marbella and El Puerto de Santa María, and online.
Consulting services for professionals and centres are individually tailored to the needs of each case.
In terms of Supervision, practical experience supervision is provided to gain or maintain certifications as behaviour analysts by the BACB®, IBAO® or QABA®.

About Me

Lucrecia Arroyo Macías

General Health Psychologist and Behaviour Analyst (BCBA® IBA®) with more than 10 years of experience.

I am a creative person, sporty and with a great sense of humour.

I started my professional career in London at a specific school for children with special educational needs. I am currently based in Andalucia where I provide therapy to children, adolescents, and their families. Additionally, I work online, supervising other professionals and students.

My experience ranges from therapy with children, and adolescents with learning, eating, sleeping difficulties, challenging behaviours, diagnosis of ASD, ADHD and other needs, to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, among others.

I am a professor of the Master’s Degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis at the Complutense University of Madrid and Abascool. I provide training and supervision tailored to the specific needs of schools and centres; and I supervise the practical experience of students to be certified as Behaviour Analysts by the BACB®, IBAO® and QABA®.

I create ABAilar – Psicología y Conductar, where I apply my experience and training to improve the lives of persons and their families in their community.

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